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Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm addicted....

Yep...these little demon eggs! They have taken over my life. I find myself searching day & night for these damn eggs!! I curse you facebook & the hatchlings app...I need my life back!

Its funny, at first I thought it was stupid. But now, I know the new ones are released on Monday around 7:30 pm...but sometimes, Brad (the creator of the app) messes with us & releases a new one every day. I have over 400 hatchling buddies now, and search their baskets day & night for the treasured eggs. Well, it could be worse...its not like i'm drinking or doing drugs. I am, afterall, sitting at my house on the computer looking in pretend baskets for colorful eggs. Yep, not a bad way to spend my days :-)


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