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Just some ramblings from a mother of two teenagers...wife of over 17 yrs...and zoo keeper to over 13 fur babies!!!! I also run a business making homemade soaps, lotions, lip balms, candles & more!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


We have lived here for over 12 years. Up until a year ago, we had fairly "ok" neighbors. I mean, they didn't bother us.... but I wouldn't say we were friends. They decided to sell and I prayed very hard for some cool new neighbors........boy, the exact opposite happened! I have the WORSE neighbor ever! He is the most arrogant, nastiest person that I have ever met. Right now, as I type, he is in the front yard, shooting a huge ass gun.....and every time he pulls the trigger, my entire house shakes. UGH!!! I have the worst thoughts going through my mind right now about what I would like to do with that gun of his. My poor animals are shivering in fear...and it just pisses me off to no end. How can he think this is acceptable behavior?? Oh, I know, he was in the ARMY, and thats just what he needs to do. Lord, please give me strength not to go out there and cuss his sorry ass out!!!!!! BOOM....there it goes again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My favorite things.....

While taking my long, hot bath tonight, and looking around the tub at the 35 bars of soap (yes, you read that right, 35 bars & all different! LOL) I thought about my favorite ones. See, as a soap maker, I'm always trying new scents & blends. But my favorites are not even soaps that I have made. Now, I have my favorites from my over 25 different scents...but my favorite bars of soap right now happened to be from other soap makers. People think I am NUTS for buying soap from others when I have plenty here. But trust me, these ladies make some awesome soap that I just can't even begin to recreate...nor would I even try.

The first soaper is like a hero to me. I have envied her for years. I always read nothing but raves about her products, and was finally lucky enough to get my claws on a bar of her world famous soap. She lives in Australia, and well lets face it, shipping to the states is not cheap! But, then came the wonderful world of, and alas, I bought my first "Bandi Soaps!" Her Etsy siteshowcases some of her favorite bars....and a few of my favorites! :-) Her lemongrass & tea tree has been a god send to my face!! And the Panacea....O M G! I just can't say enough great things about her soaps. And, she is an amazing woman!!! She also blogs, and I look forward to her adventures.

The next one is also on Etsy. Her shop is called Haunt and let me tell you, she makes a mean bar of soap! My favorites are Roma, Raspberry Honey, and milk & nectar....that milk & nectar will make you want to eat your arm off!!!! She also happens to be a wonderful woman!

(edited to add) I just had to add another favorite! She is another worthy of much praise. I received the most delectable soap in the mail today. It was her Yule Limited Edition Soap...and folks, its swoon worthy! I'm talking about or you can find her on Etsy at Faerie Made Soaps She sent me samples of her Cedar Mint soap (drooool) & Almond Flax, and a small sample of Amber scrub! I cannot wait to take a bath tonight! LOL Thanks again Fae!

So there you have....just a few of my favorite things! I swear, these ladies make my bath time so enjoyable...and they don't even know it! :-)


My First Blog

After some prodding, (yes Bri, this is all your fault! LOL) I started a blog. I was always too afraid to "blog" because I am not that great with words. But there are times, when I feel like writing, and I think this is just the place.

Today is a beautiful fall day in the mountains. Its still a little chilly, but at least its not snowing! Yes, we actually had some snow yesterday. But, it didn't stick around long.